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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Woolen Wreaths.

As for now, I have made a batch of my woolen wreaths (you may remember them in Green Craft Magazine a few years ago), choosing neutral and elegant gray tones, so perfect to be displayed all over Autumn and Winter (and even at Christmas!) on a door, knob, mantel, window, cupboard, in an empty frame, wherever!

They are lovingly made with upcycled sweaters and wool yarn, at times paired with plaid woolen fabrics and vintage or antique lace scraps.

They are finished off with a shabby, wooden heart that adds that cozy, welcoming feel and recalls a sense of home, so appropriate for the cold months.

Warm and welcoming... Hope you'll love them!
Monica x

Saturday, September 21, 2013


"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step".
Lao Tzu

Monica x

Sunday, September 15, 2013

From my English Country Diary: End of Summer.

One day, after mid August, you realize out of the blue that the colors are different... The air is crisp, and its smell is richer. The sky is not actually different than before, but you see it so. Everything looks incredibly sharp, even the sun shines in another way.

I always feel like the new year starts in September instead of January.

Everywhere you may turn your eyes to,  you can spot thistles (fluffy and white, thorny and purple, or blue and round), pink and rusty red tall spikes and sculptoreal dried herbs, fluttering in the breeze.

The mellow, golden fields become bare and ochre and sienna and brown by the day, while in the distance you can hear the tractors at work, until night and dark. Sometimes you watch out of the window and you see a light in the middle of the fields, right where the sound of the engine comes from.

The bushes and shrubs and trees are filled with lots of shiny  and dusty berries and fruits, of the most wonderful colors- from green, to orange, to blue, to black.

The migratory birds start gathering in V formations... and it's not rare that while walking among the fileds you meet adorable baby pheasants funnily running away followed by an attentive mother.

Strolling around the villages, you start seeing baskets or little tables lovingly arranged by the doors, full of cheery sachets and jars filled with the bounty of Summer. 

There are just a few tourists left around- the quiet has definitely returned among the old, quaint cottages, public footpaths and narrow country roads.

Monica x

Friday, September 13, 2013

New Beginnings.

Maybe because you go back to school always in September in Italy, and start the year anew, this month means "new beginnings" for me. A brand new diary, new pencils and tubes of paper glue, fresh, blank notebooks lovingly covered in kraft paper to be filled with sketches, clippings and whispers...

And eventually this September, after two years and a half living in temporary accommodations, we now have a beautiful, rented, converted barn all for ourselves, and are starting anew in a new Country.

It feels so, so good, to finally be home in such a comforting, joyous and cozy time of the year!

Autumnal wreath for the door I made with wild apples, berries and foliage.

Skylight in my studio, which provides the perfect light for painting.

Sunset from my studio.

Collecting feathers in the gardens.

Holly and all kind of foliage and berries in our back garden!

All picked at home!

Enjoying a coffee outside when the temperatures allow and the sun shines! And it's soo beautiful!

Fortunately period homes in England come with a mudroom!

Making a house a home!

When I had to move several times and buy luggage, I opted for vintage suitcases that now I can use as storage and fit my decorating scheme entirely.

Happy me! :) (wearing woolen hat and warm jacket, already!)

Monica x