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Monday, March 18, 2013

One Decade Wiser.

Today I turn one year wiser... one decade wiser, actually!... 40 years on this Earth, and sooo much to learn and discover, yet! :)
As I walk into the new decade, I can't help reflecting a bit on the past 40 years.

It took me 40 years to completely change my vision of this life and of the world.

It took me 40 years to finally get rid of the (self or not) imposed "rules", boundaries, fears, and opinion of the others, which didn't allow me to spread my wings and fly free.

It took me 40 years to answer my inner "calling", and start living the life I was meant to live.

It took me 40 years to discover my taste and what makes me happy, for how odd it may seem.

It took me 40 years to take care of myself.

It took me 40 years to understand I am an introvert and a dreamer, and there's nothing wrong at all!

It took me 40 years to choose positive thinking as my only rule of living.

It took me 40 years to finally say a loud YES! to the Universe and to all that's in store for me.

It took me 40 years to wholeheartedly believe in synchronicity and in everyday magic.

It took me 40 years to become conscious that I have a serious problem with "my stuff", and I should simplify more! :)

Monica x


  1. Happy Birthday Monica, if you have found all that out about yourself in only 40 years you are ahead of most of us. Hope this year is one of beauty and growth.

  2. Sweet Monica,

    Happy Birthday! I wish you a wonderful day.

    many hugs
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  3. Happy Birthday Monica.
    I hope you´ll have a wonderful and joyful day.

  4. Lifes begins at 40.
    I wish you many more beautiful years.
    The most important thing in life.... enjoy everday.
    Have a great day.

  5. happy Birthday Pretty lady~

  6. Happy Happy 40th birthday to you, Monica. I hope this next decade is full of good things-xo Diana

  7. happy 40th b'day dear monica! how wonderful to realize your lifelong dreams at so young an age!!! truly!

  8. Bon anniversaire, mon amie. I hope your day is filled with good things, moments to make you smile and lots of love.

    There's wisdom that comes with age. How lovely to have found it at 40.

  9. Happy Birthday,Monica! A box of wishes : sweet,precious and colour wishes as your blog:)

  10. Happy Birthday Monica!I hope this next year brings many more wonderful things for you!


    How wonderful that it ONLY took 40 years & now you can live the life you are really meant to xo

    I wish I had read your post BEFORE I sent the e-mail :-)

  12. Dear Monica, A big Congratulation to you and a happy birthday today, I hope it will be filled with happy hours.
    I love your post, you said so many wice words !!!
    Hope your new year will be happy and healthy.
    Hugs and xx-Dorthe

  13. Happy birthday dear Monica and I am wishing you a wonderful year ahead.
    Such a beautiful post you have shared and glad that you have found all that, about your sweet self.
    Sending much love and best wishes

    Warmest hugs

  14. Happy birthday, Monica! I wish you all the best for the next decade!

  15. Happy birthday Monica! it does seem to take this time to arrive at this place where we know so much more! I'm almost 4 years ahead of you! and I feel like some of these are slotting into place, at last! have a good day, Heather x

  16. Happy Birthday! You are wise indeed. Thank you for sharing so much inspiration. Blessings

  17. Happy Birthday dear Monica. Your words are so wise and inspiring. I am so happy you are in a good place in your life. For some that moment arrives so late in life. I wish you many, many more years of happiness and contentment.


  18. Happy Birthday Monica. I hope you had a wonderful day. This post is very inspiring. To many more years of joy!

  19. Oh Monica, those could have been my own words four years ago, when I was 40... It´s a wonderful moment in a woman´s life, because as you well say, we have left behind all the unwanted things, know ourselves better and still have DECADES to enjoy it!!! Happy belated birthday and a great hug from Uruguay.

  20. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day x

  21. Sending you belated happy birthday wishes dear Monica! Hope you had a wonderful day and for your new year of life I wish you all the best!
    Oh and I wish I'd be as wise as you are because being 10 years older than you I'm still not there *sigh*
    xoxo~ Carola

  22. I may be late to wish you Happy Birthday, but my wishes are for joy and love.

    You are like a present to all of us every day.

  23. I missed your birthday. I hope it was a happy one. If you have learned so many lessons by age 40, you're probably ahead of most people!

    Best Wishes for a wonderful new decade.


  24. Monica,

    I Hope your Birthday gently breezes into your life all the choicest of things and all that your heart holds dear throughout the year. Happy Belated Birthday!

  25. Happy belated birthday! There's something about turning 40 that makes some of us do all those things. When I was 39, I decided I wanted to be fit and 40, not fat and 40 so I started working out friends and lost 30 lbs which I've kept off for the most part. I changed my eating completely. I learned to say no! I began to take time for me. And made so many other positive changes. I'm 47 now and still evolving, hopefully continuing to become a better me! :) Best wishes, Tammy


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