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Friday, April 29, 2011

My 2011 Peonies.

... I do love peonies! So when we sold our property, I decided they had to come with us! As they weren't part of the house sale, I could transplant them in big vases, so that we could easily (!) move them to our future destination.
Being passionate about gardening, plants and flowers, I know well that peonies don't like at all to be moved. But as I had grown them with much love and care (they were tiny bushes when I planted them in my garden six years ago), and they had become quite big in size and generous in blooming, I wanted to try anyway.
I pampered and spoke to them everyday!LOL So you can imagine my glorious smile when I spotted the first flower!!!
I cut some to better capture their beauty, together with my zest and happiness, and offer them here to you too...

They bloomed marvellously at the very beginning of April (a little bit early for our standards), when we had a long heat wave!

Now they are this way... equally stunning...

Wishing you a sunny weekend!
Linking to Beverly's Pink Saturday, thank you for visiting.
Monica x.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are you Ready????

To celebrate the Royal Wedding I am repurposing the bridal set I created a while back.
The memory bouquet, completely covered in silk rosettes in a sophisticated nuance of cream, definitely is my favorite piece. I envisioned the bride walking along the aisle wearing a meaningful bouquet made with her mother's wedding dress or veil turned into beautiful rosettes, adorned with brooches or earrings previously enjoyed by her grandmother, beads or pearls from vintage necklaces that hold a special memory... "an unusual way to tell a family tale". You can find the complete article I wrote about it in the current issue of Somerset Life.

And of course, I had to make coordinated accessories! Shoes and hair accessories and the complete instructions are published in the Winter issue of Altered Couture, just in case you plan on making yours.

Can't wait to see the fabulous dress, tiara and bouquet that Kate will wear... And you? Will you be watching the wedding of the century?
Monica x

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Paques Joyeuses!

Our Easter will be very simple this year... But even if I don't have a lavish table, pretty Easter favors or crafted decorations to show you, I couldn't pass this meaningful day by. Meaningful for our faith, if you believe, meaningful for our spirits, as connected to the idea of rebirth.

Naturally we'll have a bit of chocolate and eggs...

... flowers...
My Mom's clematis The President gifted us with many flowers this year, so I arranged a tiny posy with scented herbs for our simple table.

OOOOOPS! This always happens when I shoot something yummy ;)

... and traditional italian Easter bread. I use to make it each and every year for my dear ones to enjoy for breakfast. It is slightly sweet and soft... mmm... delicious!

Have a glorious Easter everyone!
Monica x

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Tussie- Mussie to say Thank You!


a small bunch of flowers or herbs.
a cone-shaped holder for a bouquet.

I made this tussie-mussie while I was out in the park with my husband, in one of the rare moments we are together now. It was so special and so inspiring, that I wanted to dedicate an entire photo shoot to it.

I thought I'd share this beauty with you too- violets are gone for this year, but these photographs will last, like deep and sincere love and friendship that never fade, even in harsh conditions.

And here is a self portrait of moi with violets. Do you remember my photo with violets? Now I have an updated one ;)

Thank you for all your nice, kind and caring words on my last post. I appreciated and cherish each one, and as always, I do my best to return visits, even if I seem to be always very behind.
I am much better with hives, and my surgery has been scheduled for the end of May. Honestly I was shocked because I thought it was something to do in an unpredictable length of time... this means we must wait again in order to have a new nest and our life back! :((( But my hubby and I agree that it's better to have this fixed before venturing in another move. In the meantime we are day- dreaming ... and I am somewhat envious of all of you that can decorate and craft like crazy this Easter... but the time will come also for me, with a new exciting beginning. And it will be glorious!
Monica x

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Time to De- Stress...

I knew it was a matter of time. My body has started to manifest saturation. I've ignored earlier symptoms of stress, out of necessity to be honest, because of the house sale and move. But now I wish I slowed down! And rested more.

I've just discovered that my left hand too has developed the CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) and has to be fixed with surgery (not sure when), my chronic headaches are annoying me very much and the 'bad spells' have become even more frequent. Finally (hope that's all, folks!).... my body is completely covered in hives!! If you are not familiar with it, I'm speaking of migrant, extremely itchy bumps. I also have them on my face and hand palms. I'm going crazy :((
I suffer from allergies, but usually nothing that significant, and had the very same rashes only once, about 20 years ago. They lasted on/off more than one year, then suddenly disappeared. I bet in both cases it was stress + sunlight- I am extremely sensitive to light (so I have to ALWAYS wear hats and sunglasses in summer, and not clothes with very short sleeves) and we have experienced an early summer a couple of weeks ago, with hot temperatures, really unusual for this season.

Now I'm trying to de- stress, as this seems to be the best medicine (together with a tedious diet!!). Working outside in the shade when I can, sipping tea (coffee has been totally banished from my allowed beverages) and sketching new ideas down.

Found this old pink cup some days ago, when I've been presented a few unexpected hours out together with my husband. I am in love with it.

I got these cut hyacinths for a song at the nursery, I really adore their rich scent! Do you?

And to make my relax even more effective... I'm painting spring flowers. You know I am a March girl, and love everything with a spring feel!
It is hard to stay focused with those itchy-things everywhere, though. Hope they'll go away soon.

Hope you are doing great with allergies and pollens...
Have a happy ( and allergy- free) Easter week!
Monica x

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In Somerset Life...

I'm truly delighted for the latest article I have in Somerset Life... a special thank you to Christen Olivarez and all the ladies that work so hard to put together this magazine we all drool on. It's such a great honor to have my work and words in there.

Just a glimpse of the bridal rosette bouquet I created!

I also want to especially thank those who kindly took the time to drop me nice, appreciative emails about this feature. You made me very happy.
Monica x

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great Sunday Finds!

... Today I had fun! Seriously.
I have cocooned way too much in my previous home! Now I definitely committed to have more fun!
So this morning, off I went to the second- hand and antique market... And here are my finds! First of all, some very old books (the more they are worn and tattered, the more I love them), among which an italian-english dictionary and a Christian book with my monogram...

Now hold on to your hat- French antique lace doilies, tea cloth and baby dresses!!!!!! Nothing I can normally afford to treat myself to, at least where I live. I even pulled my DH and doggie by the arm (and tail) across the French Riviera looking for these type of bargains... finding that all was amazingly beautiful but sadly overprized :( When I had the chance to see such treasures in Italy, I never could bring home the tiniest scrap of lace, because of their high prices. Until today... The lady at the market says she never comes here and she won't anymore, 'cause it's too far from her place. It really was a serendipitous-and-super-duper-lucky-trip!
My heart went pitter- patter when I spotted that booth, and even more when I saw their prices. Gosh it was hard to keep calm while inside I was SO doing the happy dance! Tip tap. Boogie- woogie. But one lesson I have learnt well in Blogland is never, never show you are drooling! ;)) Thanks ladies for sharing your 'bargain- secrets'!
I am super excited about my finds... Precious hand- embroidered lace. My oh my.

I plan on using this pair of stunning doilies on our bedside tables. When we have them :)

It was hard to choose among all the baby dresses, but finally I decided for these two.

Now you will laugh at my model- she's one of my very first bears... well, actually she is more of a mouse than a bear! But my Mom is a sentimental keeper ;)) All my 'proper' bears are in storage, so I must use what I have on hand!

And finally, this vintage tin box I love, with a story attached. I have been enamored with it since three or four years ago, when I spotted the same box while treasure hunting... and guess what? I didn't buy it then!! Now she's mine mine mine.
I believe the beautiful woman is Princess Sissi. Anyone, please? I'd like to know for sure.

How can I describe today's treasure hunt?? Just one word...

Now what about coming for a buying expedition together? I'd love to!!!!!!!!!
Monica x