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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In Somerset Life...

I'm truly delighted for the latest article I have in Somerset Life... a special thank you to Christen Olivarez and all the ladies that work so hard to put together this magazine we all drool on. It's such a great honor to have my work and words in there.

Just a glimpse of the bridal rosette bouquet I created!

I also want to especially thank those who kindly took the time to drop me nice, appreciative emails about this feature. You made me very happy.
Monica x

Friday, April 1, 2011

Time to Grow.

I haven't felt this good in such a long time!
Selling our home also meant having no garden anymore... definitely my favorite shooting set. As I take the majority of my pictures outdoors, that could be a problem. Or at least, that's what I thought before moving. On the contrary, this time without a home is proving to be a true blessing after all, from whatever angle you look at it- much needed rest, lots of new ideas and inspiration... and above all, unexpected, longed-for 'me time' to grow! Professionally, personally, spiritually.
Having no private plot of land to play into, off I go every day to some favorite outdoor spots near here... with my camera, hat and a basket crammed full of styling supplies.

I always have with me fresh flowers (even if I can also pick them if needed!), a couple of aprons, table clothes, gardening gloves...

... and naturally, some sweets, a nice mug (pink!) and a thermos filled with delicious hot tea! Didn't you think I work only ;))

Aaahhh.... idyllic!
I feel this was a necessary step to grow. My photography is changing... I now perceive in my images something different- maybe they reflect my being more serene and happy. Me coming out of my shell. Living fully. I believe it's my heart expanding.

Hope you have a terrific weekend, no matter what your plans (... and temperatures in your corner of the world!).
Monica x.