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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking Back: My Pink 2010!

It looks incredible it's the very end of another year! 
To say good bye to this exciting year, filled with spiritual and personal growth , I'm posting a collage of a meaningful photo from each month. I chose to stick to a 'pink' theme as I noticed this color made its appearance often in my posts over the year (even if I'm a white and blue girl at heart!), not only on Pink Saturdays! ;) 

As usual, I started 2010 with my gratitude journal and my faithful companion, Simple Abundance. 

In February, I shared with you my collection of vintage Valentines.

In March I opened a vintage shop on Etsy, I was unexpectedly forced to close after a few months only, due to personal reasons.

While the month of April was a challenge for me, because of my accident and my Dad's surgery, I tried to keep my chin up eating chocolate eggs and playing with my camera!

In May I really enjoyed Nature, Spring weather after a long winter, and my peonies!

In June I participated in Where Bloggers Create Party and shared pictures of my studio.

July was a moment of reflection, I gave myself permission to play and relax...

August was nothing short of incredible and amazing! Complete strangers rang at the door asking if our home was for sale and they bought it in a beating of wings, I made it to the cover of Artful Blogging, I had my work published again and again, and I was incredibly creative... I chose these colorful pictures to represent how I felt, perceiving Abundance all around me...

In October, off we went to England...

... and in November we were back again!

I lastly savored each and every day of the month of December, spread some cheer with a giveaway, and I spent an unusual, simple, peaceful, restful and joyous Christmas with my family, grateful for all the blessings this year has brought me.
A happy, prosperous New Year to all of you. My wish is that you grow in harmony and beauty inside and outside, and spread your wings to fly free!
With love (and gratitude),
Monica x.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nostalgic Wishes...

Aren't these vintage postcards the just perfect wish for the Holidays to receive in the mail? Call me obsolete, but I love to receive and handle old- fashioned letters and cards! And to cherish all of them.
It's such a pity they don't print like that anymore...

These pen nib are my Great Grandmother's. You bet I love this winter girl in blue!

This French postcard is one of my favorite pieces of my treasured collection. 

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas day! We really enjoyed it in simplicity, peace and love. I can say, the most beautiful Christmas so far!
Today I'm working on my teddy bear. Oh joy. 
Stay cozy and warm! See you soon.
Monica x.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Merry!

Dear friends and readers,
I wish you a wonderful day filled with love, comfort and joy... and a little magic!

A special thank you to my regular commenters and followers- thanks for being there, always so supportive and friendly. You mean the world to me!

With love,
Monica xoxo

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Snow and what I am Doing.

Hello everyone! I'm here to report we had our good amount of snow and shoveling 'fun' too. Not that fun actually :((
We had a fabulous sunny day soon after the snow blizzard, so I could take these beautiful pictures for you in our garden!

Look! My icy wreath is still intact. It's been pretty cold over the past days.

These polar temperatures just inspire to curl up in front of the fire listening to carols, sipping hot chocolate and reading a good book. Unfortunately, my fireplaces are impossible to use bacause of the ginormous stack of boxes (150 so far) and pieces of furniture just in front of them! Moreover, no Christmas tree, no baking, no decorating and little cooking- will spend an unconventional Christmas with my parents this year, and my Mom is going to do all (for the very first time since I've been married). Sooooo, in order to keep my sanity... I am bearmaking! Four days to Christmas and sooo much stuff left to be packed... Is this crazy or what?? 

Monica x.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Icy Wreath Tutorial.

As my icy wreath in a previous post sparked the interest of some of you, I thought I might prepare a tutorial. It's super easy and fast to make... you just need to be patient while it's in the freezer!

There's still time to make one to amaze your guests! You can prepare it in advance (with your children too!), but be sure not to display it until Christmas day because, obviously... it tends to melt!;))

For my ice wreath this year I used  natural elements and greenery from the garden, burlap and twine, and a few tiny glass baubles.  But you can use whatever you want! Any combination will be stunning- I promise!


Should you fancy, you can display it as an outdoor centerpiece... I tried to use it indoors but it melts too quickly, so I don't recomment that to avoid annoying mess when your guests arrive :(

Here we go with the simple instructions for the one featured here. 
1. Gather your supplies: small pinecones, cinnamon sticks, star anise, acorns, fir branches, and a circular shaped mold with a hole in the middle.

2. Put the pinecones, cinnamon sticks, etc in the mold, alternating them a bit.

3. Cover with fir branches.

4. Fill in with water.

5. As the small elements tend to float around, try to insert them underneath the fir.

6. Put in the freezer overnight.
7. Put the mold under water to extract the icy wreath, put a string to hang it and embellish with ribbons, fir branches,...
8. Enjoy the cheer it spreads while it's snowing! And please, please, please!!!!!! Let me see your own!:))
Monica x

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Shopping in Oxford and my Finds and Treats!

I'm here, as promised, to show you something I think you may like to see... ;)
When I saw this shop, in Oxford, I said my hubby it was OK for us to rent over there!! My piggy bank will tremendously suffer, I already know, but hey, a good girl needs her treats every now and then! Do you agree?;)

Unfortunately, they didn't allow me to take pictures inside...

This vintage- looking radio got my special attention, but gosh! £200/$312 was a little beyond my idea of 'treat'!

Another place I love to lose my way in, is the Covered Market. It is a lovely place all year round, but at Christmastime the fragrance of the seasonal products permeates the air!

Every corner is creatively decked out!

Even if I don't like too-sweet-sweets (so I'm not a 'cupcake person' at all), I couldn't help but stare at the windows of that shop, admiring talented artists at work!

These were so cute!

Now over to my finds.
This time I was luckier, and my finds were all vintage! First, I found the linen tea towel with hand- crocheted corners (£2/$3). A little frayed in some spots, but still gorgeous to be used as props.

I love these crackled jam canisters with romantic pink roses (£2/$3 each)!

Also, a bunch of antique cabinet photos, for 40 pence/0,60$ each. These are impossible to find in Italy, so it was a great deal!

I am partial to this little girl with a tartan bow...

And I purchased this CK hankie for sweet Kim- isn't she cute??

Monica x